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Embarking on a journey from the vibrant landscapes of Goa, India, my artistic evolution is a narrative that weaves through the colors of nostalgia and self-discovery. As a child, my canvas was often shared with my grandmother, herself a talented artist. Together, we painted and drew, crafting cherished memories of playful moments with cartoon characters and a kaleidoscope of colors.

This artistic foundation laid dormant for a while as I pursued academic excellence and
professional success in the US. Six transformative years saw me earning a BS in Civil Engineering from UCLA and an MS in Management from NYU. The trajectory then
led me to the bustling finance sector in Mumbai. However, the relentless 'hustle'
eventually took its toll, leading me to a pivotal moment in 2021.

Divya Kamat

Amidst the burnout, a fractured ankle from an accident became a metaphor for feeling
stuck, prompting a profound period of introspection. It became clear that tuning into my heart and silencing external noise was the key to rediscovering my true self.


Returning to my childhood passion for art, I embraced the exciting journey of selfdiscovery,
never looking back. My artistic creations now echo the profound influence of this transformative journey, a tapestry woven with life experiences and battles with mental health. Through perseverance and resilience, I've uncovered the positive power of selfexpression.

As the canvas of my life unfolds, each stroke mirrors the lessons learned—a testament to the profound impact of personal exploration on artistic expression. With a heart attuned to
authenticity, my art tells a story of resilience, self-discovery, and the vibrant colors that emerge when we listen to our innermost selves



"In my art, I explore figurative and semiabstract elements, tailoring

form to thematic demands.

Each idea propels me to explore diverse styles and techniques, creating a
dynamic, ever-evolving artistic expression that delves into the human condition.

Infusing serious subjects with a playful visual language,
my work transcends dichotomies, expressing innermost thoughts and the human experience found in everyday observations.

Reflecting a dynamic coexistence, my pieces present
contrasts perceptible beyond the surface”



1 year Diploma at National
Institute of Fine Arts, India:

Training under renowned
artist Wilson D’souza: 2022 - present


BS in Civil Engineering,
University of California, Los
Angeles: 2015

MS in Management, New York
University: 2017

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