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Art 3f fair represented by Galeria Gaudi - 5 to 7, Apr 2024 Barcelona

Amalgamation 12 at Cymroza Art Gallery: 31 May to 3 June, Mumbai, India

The Biennale of Women in Art represented by Artio Gallery- 25 to 29 Sep, 2024, London



‘Behind the Seen’ in collaboration with India International Centre - 7 to 11, Feb 2024 New Delhi

Paris Art fair represented by Monat Gallery - 26 to 28, Jan 2024 Paris

Art on Loop, Berlin by the Holy Art Gallery: Dec 2023, Berlin

Vibrant Visions by HMVC Gallery New York : Nov 2023, Online

The Haat of Art: Nov 2023, Mumbai

Kalaa Spandan Art Fair: Nov 2023, Mumbai

Lokyata Art Gallery: Oct 2023, New Delhi

Artiste Culture X cafe Raasa exhibition: Sep- Nov, 2023, Goa

The Bombay Art Society Art Carnival: Sep 2023 , Mumbai

Vulcan Art Gallery Artist Collective: Sep- Nov, 2023, Online

Ujwala Art Gallery: Jul 2023- Dec 2023, Goa

Tonique Art exhibition: May 2023, Hyderabad

Karleo social media event: Apr 2023, Goa

Artjuna Annual Art Exhibition: Feb 2023, Goa

Serendipity Arts Festival: Dec 2022, Goa

Pyde Pyper Art Exhibition: Dec 2022, Goa

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